Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier
Company Profile

Shanghai Everay Electro-Optical Co., LTD is a technology-driven company with the core direction of the optoelectronic system industry, providing customers with intelligent optoelectronic system solutions based on multi-spectrum and multi-band fusion imaging systems.

As a professional thermal imaging manufacturer, we provide customers with intelligent optoelectronic system solutions with multi-spectrum and multi-band fusion imaging systems as the core.

Everay specializes in providing infrared field optoelectronic machines and supporting products.

With the independent and controllable core technology, we innovate and develop all kinds of infrared photoelectric detection products, such as infrared imaging machines, infrared thermometers, imaging medical, military manned products, regional security integrated solutions, etc. Our thermal imaging machine products are widely used in vehicles, airborne, security monitoring, patrol, and detection, assisted driving, and other fields.

Everay Adhering to the concept of "win-win cooperation" and "technological innovation",  closely cooperates with professional talents from key universities and research institutes in China. We are dedicated to the research and development of high-technology products, to ensure product quality, to provide professional, efficient, and convenient solutions for various industries, and wholeheartedly serve our customers.

Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier
  • Excellent Team

    Our technical team has been working on micro-optical night vision, short-wave infrared, and airborne/ballistic broadband systems for more than 10 years. The team has rich experience in the development and production and delivery of various military models, and is familiar with various application scenarios of night vision equipment.

  • Unique Optimization Technology

    Our team is well versed in the characteristics of various complex daytime and nighttime lighting scenes, and has the unique technology of adaptive scene recognition and automatic targeted optimization for different thermal camera solutions. We Familiar with the spectral characteristics of complex environments in visible and infrared nighttime, and able to optimize optical systems and image processing algorithms based on target spectral characteristics.

  • Extensive Experience

    We have participated in many major national defense projects and have the ability to design integrated optoelectronic systems from UV, visible, micro-optical, short-wave infrared to long-wave infrared imaging, target identification, tracking and guidance.

  • Customers

    • Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier
      Hong Kong Section of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

      Our products are used to monitor bridge vehicles and sea vessels, transmitting live video to the surveillance hall in real time so that anyone can see the live situation and act as a deterrent to criminals.

    • Thermal Imaging Camera Supplier
      Hyderabad Smart City

      Hyderabad in Pakistan has adopted our surveillance solution with license plate recognition, night vision capability, flying photos, etc., contributing to Hyderabad's efforts to build a smart city.