Border Coastal Surveillance System (BCSS) is a system designed to monitor and secure land and coastal borders. The main aim of the BCSS is to enhance the capability of border security agencies to detect and respond to security threats, including illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism.

What is Border Coastal Surveillance System?

Border security is an integral and essential part of national defense. It is a necessary form of effective exercise of national sovereignty and maintenance of national security without periods of downtime or reduced readiness.  Protection against terrorism, illegal migration, and smuggling necessitate constant, reliable remote detection and identification of potential threats.

Border incursions are characterized by suddenness and randomness, and the use of common watchtower manual surveillance techniques cannot address wide-scale border security surveillance. to achieve a real tactical target in defending the border and coastal line, visible light + thermal imaging + radar + LRF, a complimentary integration is carried out by Everay company.

The high-performance cameras and radar from Everay give you the early warning and threat assessment you need to respond effectively, regardless of whether your primary target is a boat on the water or a person crossing the border on foot. With industry standard points of interaction, Everay's parts are handily incorporated with the order and control arrangement you want to make the quick organization arrangement you want.

Border Coastal Surveillance System Advantages


Protect your borders from terrorists, smugglers, traffickers, and illegal immigrants while encouraging legal trade and travel. With a thermal imaging camera system for extensive monitoring, you can quickly and efficiently conduct 24/7 real-time assessments of people and vehicles.


Securing ports and other sea areas is a challenge, however, thermal imaging cameras operate in all weather conditions and provide accurate images around the clock.


Thermal imaging cameras can help law enforcement bodies to police more effectively. These devices can help with surveillance, crime scenes and, search and rescue operations.

Border Coastal Surveillance System Advantages
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