• coastal radar system
  • coastal radar system

Border Coastal Surveillance System TCS640C-C750T330-IL

Everay Company completes a complementary integration in order to reach a practical tactical goal in defending the border and coastal line. Combining optics (EO/IR camera), radar, and LRF increases each technology's benefit while concurrently masking any drawbacks. The system can focus on the position of an approaching target thanks to radar and multi-spectral cameras' slew-to-cue design. Infrared Under complete darkness, thermal cameras can detect and identify any target. Radar and thermal cameras are unable to identify important identifiers that are captured by visible light cameras. The sensors a surveillance solution has are what give it its surveillance capability. Technology for complementary integration is the focus of every company.

Specifications of Border Coastal Surveillance System TCS640C-C750T330-IL

RadarAESA, Pulse doppler.
BandX band
AccuracyAzimuth ≤ 0.5°

Elevation ≤1°(Optional or upgrade)

Distance ≤ 10 m
Detection rangePersonnel: 5 km

Vehicle: 10km

Ship: 10km
InterfacePower : DC48V≤500w

Communication : RJ45 network port
EOThermal & Visible light
CoverageAzimuth: 360°

Thermal moduleImage sensor: Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane arrays

Lens (focal length):16 .5 mm to 330 mm Optical camera
Optical cameraImage sensor:  1/1.9'' Progressive scan CMOS

Focal length:12 .5-500 mm, 36x

Field of view:58.7° - 1.20° (Wide-Tele)
WeightTotal weight: ≤60 kg
Environmental adaptabilityOutdoor equipment protection grade: IP65 Power consumption

DC 48V±10%,≤130w

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