Thermal imaging is a sixth sense to maritime patrols, unaffected by rain and fog, even the sunlight reflection on sea surface, or the interference of searchlight light. It can meet the needs of port, channel and coastal security, law enforcement, anti-piracy and threat detection, fishing fleet protection, ship tracking and observation, search and rescue operations, and environmental protection.

Maritime Patrol & Coastal Surveillance

Reasons to Use Thermal Imaging Products

Maritime security faces more diverse difficulties than ever before, including law enforcement, search and rescue, water operations, port security, hazardous materials inspection, natural disaster monitoring, anti-poaching, and more. The changing maritime environment places extremely high demands on mariners, and the use of good equipment is often the most effective solution. Everything you see in everyday life releases heat energy called "heat signatures", and as long as there is the slightest temperature contrast between an object and its background, a heat signature can be generated that can be seen through thermal imaging.

Everay Marine Thermal Imaging

Everay TMG series, the shipboard optoelectronic system with built-in HD Auto Tracking, is designed for equipping various vessels or vehicles for maritime and coastal operation.

Marine Thermal Imaging Camera