Industrial thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed for a variety of industrial applications such as electrical diagnostics, HVAC, machinery or equipment repair, automotive repair, construction inspection and product testing. Industrial infrared cameras usually use self-developed high performance VOx infrared detectors with high resolution to provide ultra clear thermal images with rich details and high quality. Industrial infrared cameras can provide more accurate and stable temperature measurement data to meet the requirements of scientific research and professional analysis work. We provide high performance ogi camera, industrial pipe inspection video camera and forest fire detection camera for sale at good prices. Contact us now!

Types of Inspection Camera

OGI Camera

A cooled IR imaging detector with a focus on finding VOC gas leaks like methane is called the YL320V. With the help of a very sensitive MWIR detector based on quantum wells (QWIP) technology, this product is able to detect imperceptibly small leaks in real time during the production, transit, and usage of gas.

Industrial Pipe Inspection Video Camera

Whether you're a firefighter, law enforcement officer, or member of a search and rescue team, handheld thermal imagers give you a tactical advantage in the field, providing clear images in complete darkness. These rugged, portable systems provide life-saving, critical information that reveals the location of victims and suspects.

Forest Fire Detection Thermal Imaging Cameras

Everay's self-developed HSD-INV system uses an advanced high-sensitivity thermal imaging chip combined with a dual-FPGA acceleration engine to truly prevent and detect fires in a timely manner. On the basis of comprehensive inspection, suitable equipment is selected according to different scenarios, and preventive measures are implemented for key areas such as key entrances and exits, machine drop points, and oil storage areas, which can effectively manage fire-prone areas and prevent secondary disasters.
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What Should I Look for in an Inspection Camera?

People often ask, 'What should I look for in an inspection camera?' when looking to buy a snake camera for use in a multitude of industrial inspection camera or equipment inspection scenarios. In truth, the answer is entirely dependent on the specific uses you have in mind. The best inspection camera for electricians, say, will not necessarily be the best option for plumbers, and certainly not for medical or surgical use. Let's take the purchase of the gas leak detector as an example. What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Gas Leak Detector?  

  • Battery life

Make sure that your detector comes with an indicator, so you know whether or not it’s switched on. Make sure that your detectors are tested every month, and you should replace your batteries at least once a year.

  • Type of gas

You’ll need to figure out which gases the device can detect and which gases it can’t. While it might be pricier, it could be a good idea to purchase a gas leak detector that can identify more than one gas and smoke.

  • UL-listed

To ensure that your gas leak detector functions correctly, it’s best if it reflects the UL-listed mark to indicate that it has been tested and meets the necessary safety standards.

  • Sensors

You should check to see if the sensors come with a good amount of sensitivity. The greater the sensitivity, the easier it is for you to identify the source of the gas leak. 

What Are Inspection Cameras for?

The inspection camera usually consists of a long, flexible probe or arm attached to some form of handheld base unit. The miniature camera module itself is mounted on the end of the probe. Some inspection camera kits include a small screen for viewing live video feeds. Others are designed to operate wirelessly, streaming their captured images to a remote screen (such as on a computer or cell phone) via Wi-Fi.

The inspection camera is suitable for medical, mechanical use, as well as property maintenance and potentially damaging infestations.

Everay offers detection cameras that can be used to detect leaking gases, forest fires, human temperature measurement, and automated patrols.

What Are Inspection Cameras for?
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