Industrial borescope inspection camera is a tool designed to look inside a pipe, vessel or piece of equipment. It plays an important role in the industrial field. As a high-precision optical inspection instrument, industrial borescope inspection camera needs regular maintenance to ensure good working condition. Here are some key maintenance tips:


After each use, you need to clean the industrial borescope inspection camera and ensure that you store it in a dry, clean environment. Avoid using solutions containing acidic or alkaline substances when cleaning to avoid corrosion of the equipment. It is vital to keep the lens clean, you can use a special cleaning cloth or blowing air to remove dust and dirt.

Disinfection Treatment

In order to ensure the hygiene and safety of industrial borescope inspection cameras, they should be sterilized after use. Disinfection can be carried out using a disinfectant solution or high-temperature steam, but care must be taken to avoid exposing the industrial borescope inspection camera directly to high temperatures or acidic or alkaline environments.

Lens Protection

The lens of the Industrial Pipeline Mirror Inspection Camera is its core component and requires special attention to protect it. Before use, check that the lens is clean. When storing, a special dust cover is recommended to protect the lens from dust and dirt.

Checking The Connection

The connecting parts of an industrial pipe mirror inspection camera are fragile and often susceptible to damage. It is therefore important to regularly check that the connections are secure. If looseness is found, it should be tightened immediately to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

Avoid Impact

Since industrial borescope inspection camera is a precision equipment, any kind of impact or fall should be avoided during storage and transportation. Be sure to carry and put it down gently to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Daily Inspection

Before each use, a simple inspection of the industrial borescope inspection camera should be carried out, including whether the connection is loose, whether the lens is cracked or otherwise damaged, and whether the cables and cords are intact. Identifying and addressing these issues in a timely manner will help ensure that the endoscope operates properly.

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