• thermal night vision binoculars
  • thermal night vision binoculars

Thermal Night Vision Binocular TB640F

It has the advantages of low light and thermal imaging. There are many observation modes to choose from, which can better meet the observation needs of different scenes and different people; The observed information is more abundant, the details are more perfect, the scene is easier to understand, and the detection distance is more effectively detected;

The target of observation is more obvious, which is better for detecting targets faster and more accurately in the context of hidden camouflage, especially in the fusion color night vision mode. Observing the image is more natural and more in line with the habits of the human eye, which can significantly improve the target recognition performance of the human eye and reduce fatigue. Meet the needs of all-weather operations, which can be observed in the dark, completely dull closed environment and harsh weather conditions. Small size, lightweight, comfortable and convenient to use; Good environmental adaptability and meeting the relevant requirements of GJB150.

Specifications of Binocular TB640F

Sensor typeCMOS sensor
Low light detectortype6um
Dynamic Range76DB
Signal to noise ratioIlluminance 10-1 lxIlluminance 10-2 lxIlluminance 10-3 lx
CompassCompassAzimuth accuracy 1° Pitch angle accuracy
1° (0.5°Compass optional)
Image displayModeOLED HD binocular display
ColorsWhite heat / black heat / low light / fusion picture-in-picture display / fusion color / fusion gray / fusion black and white
StorageBuilt-in storage16G /32G
Video formatAVI
Physical characteristicsContinuous working time5 hours
Total weight1.3kg(without battery)
Contains eye mask
InterfacePower inDC12V
Video outputPAL
Data interfaceUSB2.0
Control interfaceRS232
Environmental indicatorsWork-40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature-50℃~+70℃

Binocular TB640F Working principle

The multi-function fusion binocular processes the images of infrared thermal imaging, laser ranging and low-light sensors through algorithms, and combines the images of the three in a certain proportion to highlight the hot targets. By observing the merged image, the user can not only see the hot target, but also the outline of the environment background, and can quickly and accurately obtain the observation target. 

Night Vision And Thermal Imaging

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