Definition of driver vision enhancer

Driver vision enhancer is to provide auxiliary support to the driver in the process of driving the vehicle, which makes it easier and safer for the driver to drive the vehicle on the road. Lane maintenance assistance system and automatic parking assistance system are both driver vision enhancer. Lane-keeping assistance system sets the signature line of the vehicle's driving road through the camera. When the system is set so that the vehicle may deviate from the lane, it can remind the driver or intervene in the steering system to adjust the driving route in time. The automatic parking assistance system effectively solves the problems caused by the blindness of the rear of the vehicle and effectively reduces the traffic accidents caused during parking.

How to use thermal night vision to driver vision enhancer?

Driver vision enhancer is like a person who has driving skills. He needs to have eyes to see the outside world, then transmit the information to his brain, judge whether he should speed up, brake, or change lanes, and then tell his hands and feet the judgment result, so as to step on the accelerator or brake. The "brain" is the decision-making layer composed of chips and algorithms with high computing power, and the "hands" and "feet" are the executive layers to perform tasks. Sensors, as the thermal night vision of driver vision enhancer, are the eyes of intelligent driver vision enhancer. These sensors collect data inside and outside the car all the time so that the car can keep its perception of the surrounding environment. Different sensors "see" different things. At present, the common sensors are thermal night vision camera, ultrasonic radar, millimeter wave radar, laser radar, etc.