What are electro optic systems?

Electro optic systems are a combination of optics and electronics. The common electro optic systemss includes visible light and laser systems. Infrared systems, also belong to the category of electro optic systemss, referred to as EO/IR systems. The electro optic systems can work in the spectral range of 0.01 to 1000 microns, so the electro optical surveillance system include but are not limited to laser, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet and other imaging systems.

Working stage of counter-UAS

Generally, the work of counter UAS systems is mainly divided into three stages: 

1. Detection and identification: 

Radiofrequency analysis technology is the main technical means used to detect UAVs, and it can identify UAVs by detecting the radio communication between UAVs and control stations; In addition, the acoustic sensor can detect the audio emitted by the drone, and then determine the specific position of the drone. 

2. Communication interference: 

mainly using photoelectric detection, tracking, identification and radio frequency interference technology to interfere with the communication of UAV, and destroy the communication control of UAV by operators. 

3. Strike and kill: 

Laser technology, microwave technology, combat UAV technology and conventional fire damage technology are commonly used UAV damage technologies. Aiming at the intelligence information provided by the reconnaissance intelligence system, a fire strike network is formed to strike and kill the black-flying UAV.