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EverC-UAS (Counter-UAS)

The EverC-UAS Anti-drone Intelligent Auto Defense system is based on precise photoelectric detective platform as the core of the system. It integrates radar equipment and fixed radio interfere equipment in depth. The system can realize early detection, stable tracking, accurate identification and effective countermeasure of small UAV; The photoelectric platform integrates focal high-definition cameras, cooled/uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera, and precision servo platform. The system is widely applicable by police, public security, border defense, etc., The counter UAS systems usually used for defense of "low-slow-small" targets such as large-scale gatherings, key region and military areas.

Specifications of Counter-UAS EverC-UAS

Option 1:(3km)Option 2:(5km)
GeneralCMM, Linear frequency modulation pulseGeneral3 dimension, Linear frequency modulation pulse
BandKU BandBandKU Band
Detection Distance(False Alarm Rate:10-6,Detection Rate:90%)Detection Distance(False Alarm Rate 10-6, Detection Rate 90%)
Detection Distance≥3km(RCS=0.01m2);Blind Spot:≤200mDetection Distance≥5km(RCS=0.01m2); Blind Spot≤200m
Refresh Rate0.2HzRefresh Rate0.2Hz
RangePan:0~360° ;Tilt:0~40°RangePan:0~360° ; Tilt: 0~40°
TargetSearch:≥100 units;Track:≥50 unitsTargetSearch:≥100 units;Track:≥50 units
InterfaceInternet, UDP;InterfaceInternet, UDP;
PowerAC220V/50Hz; Peak≤300W, Average≤ 200WPowerAC220V/50Hz; Peak≤300W, Average≤ 200W

Features of Counter-UAS EverC-UAS

  • Devices Management

  • Trace Play

  • Video Preview

  • Condition Monitor

  • Radar Linkage

  • Level Control

  • Electronic Fence

  • Black/White List

  • Information Play

  • AI Analysis

  • Command

  • Electronic Map

  • Alarm Linkage

  • Information Share

  • User Management

  • Data Management

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