At present, two main technologies are mainly used in forest fire prevention and early warning monitoring: on the one hand, satellite and remote sensing image technology are used to monitor forest fire prevention. The satellite images are continuously transmitted to the ground satellite receiving station, which processes the satellite images to monitor the occurrence and development of forest fires. The method is mainly used for monitoring forest fires in large areas and regions. 

On the other hand, video monitoring technology with a video inspection camera is used to monitor the forest area in real-time, and then the images are transmitted to the command center. Through the forest fire prevention command and management system, the forest fire scene can be accurately located, and the fire can be analyzed and counted through various business functions, which can provide the basis for leaders to command and make scientific firefighting decisions. What capabilities do forest fire detection camera need: First, they need a larger detection range, so that they can cover enough areas; Secondly, it needs to run normally all the time because forest fires can happen at any time; In order to cope with the complex forest environment, anti-interference ability is also essential.

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